This resource consists of four sets of Quizlet flashcards. The main set will help you learn the place and manner of articulation of each of the 44 English phonemes. But first, you might need to learn the terms used to describe place and manner of articulation for the vowels, consonants and diphthongs, and the three sets below will help you learn these terms.

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Learning aims / Purpose of this resource

Knowing the mechanics of how each phoneme is produced by the organs of speech is often essential when helping students to achieve intelligible pronunciation. As each learner is unique, it will not always be possible to predict which phonemes your learners will need help with. Therefore, being able to retrieve this knowledge quickly in the classroom will make spontaneous pronunciation work possible when needed.

Additionally, the Trinity Syllabus specifies that in the Phonology Interview, (Unit 3), candidates may be asked to discuss "production of the English sounds, explaining how sounds differ in their articulation" (1) So a combination of memorized knowledge and in-depth understanding of the organs of speech as well as the place and manner of articulation of each phoneme will be essential if the examiner chooses this topic.

Terms used in the flashcards

Before using the British Phonemes Flashcards, you might want to revise the terms Gerald Kelly uses in
How to Teach Pronunciation (2) to describe place and manner of articulation.

Articulation of Vowels

Place of articulation of consonants

Manner of articulation of consonants

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Syllabus and Bibliography. Trinity College London 2007.

2 Kelly, Gerald. How to Teach Pronunciation. Pearson Education Limited, 2000.