This resource will guide you through writing an actual Part II exam question, providing you with a sound process to follow, suggested answers to each section, and help memorizing two useful quotations on the topic. The question deals with the Internet as a teaching resource.

The tutorial is embedded below, so you can use it without leaving this website. To use a full-screen version, follow this link:
Essay-writing tutorial

Finally, scroll to the bottom of this page, below the embedded tutorial, for links to interesting further reading and videos on the Internet as a teaching resource.

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Further Reading

Hockly, Niki. Digital Literacies video of her presentation at an International House conference.

Thornbury, Scott. T is for Technology

Tweeting is for the birds, not for language learning. Video of the ELT Journal debate at IATEFL 2011 conference.

Pegrum, Mark e-language wiki. Created by the author of From Blogs to Bombs: The future of digital technologies in education, this wiki provides "a growing set of resources about e-learning: the place where digital technologies and education intersect."